Medical Billing Services

Boost practice revenue, reduce expenses, and achieve a better collection rate through expert medical revenue cycle management


Synapse makes sure from the start that your claim information is complete and accurate, with appropriate codes and modifiers. We submit your claims electronically whenever available and religiously track and confirm claim acceptance.

We use industry bulletins and website tools and collective feedback from providers to monitor changes in payer policies and reimbursements. We resolve denials, challenge underpaid claims, and follow up delayed payments. Synapse provides you with an extended manpower that will entertain your patients’ inquiries way into the night when the rest of your office and clinical staff are resting.

Medical Coding

Our team of certified coders will get you the best reimbursement for your services. You will never have to worry about missing insurance updates because our coding department is armed with the most current ICD and CPT/HCPCS databases so we can give you valid, payable codes, whenever you need them. If you want to maximize your revenue it will start converting your records to payable claims.

Electronic Health Records

If you have a licensed billing software or a preferred web-based billing account and would like to continue using it, Synapse can connect to your system remotely or to the website locally and just pick up where you left off. Otherwise, you also have a choice of switching to a new and more efficient system.

We can refer you to a host of affordable practice management software packages, from the simple and straightforward billing modules to fully integrated Electronic Health Record systems, all based on the specific needs of your practice.


Our experienced credentialing agents fill out your forms so that you get immediate approval on first submission. We take the burden off your practice by organizing and following up all your enrollments for you. With a dedicated team maintaining your credentialing, you need not worry about going out of network or missing payments because you forgot to submit your updated documents and demographics.

What’s more, Synapse guarantees immediate action when billing issues arise because of confusion in your insurance contracts and participation effective dates.

Practice Analytics

We have a staff of report writers to provide you with the best information to make intelligent business decisions. Some examples of reports we provide are:
Claim Payment Report: Examine the details of unpaid claims for a specific time frame or simply look at any individual payment in detail.

Summary Report: See how your practice is doing according to individual insurance and government payers, or by patient.
Daily Billing Activity Report: Organizes all billing entries for any date of service according to total charges, payments and adjustments for each billing entry.

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