Electronic Health Records

Your choice of electronic medical records software will have a huge impact on your medical practice and your ability to adapt to the changing landscape of the US Healthcare system. This includes automating demographics, progress notes, problems, medications, and vital signs. Synapse understands that this is the next step in the continued progress of healthcare, strengthening patient-physician relationships and streamlining clinicians’ workflow.

Why You Should Have An EHR System

An electronic health record (EHR) makes the patient’s paper chart digitalized, which results in real-time and secured patient-centered records. With an EHR system, you have an inclusive broader view of a patient’s care and other care-related activities directly or indirectly through various interfaces. These are further discussed below.

Reduce medical errors:

EHRs’ ability to electronically exchange health information can help your patient’s data have accurate and clear records, enabling providers to make better-coordinated decisions at the point of care.

Improve productivity:

Decreased paperwork and reduced duplication of testing mean your staff has more time to be more present to your patients. They don’t have to go through incomplete documentation or illegible data.

Safer and more reliable prescribing:

EHRs are built on sharing information with other healthcare providers, which places high importance on user security and access. Instead of the traditional recording process, a digital format is more capable of complete documentation and accurate, streamlined coding and billing.

If you have licensed billing software or a preferred web-based billing account and would like to continue using it, Synapse can connect to your system remotely or to the website locally and pick up where you left off.
Otherwise, you also have a choice of switching to a new and more efficient system. We can refer you to a host of affordable practice management software packages, from simple and straightforward billing modules to fully integrated Electronic Health Record systems, all based on the specific needs of your practice.

Let Synapse take the driver’s seat and lead you to operational improvement from all ends by streamlining RCM support services that are transparent, honest, and accountable.