Case Studies

Often, clients seek Synapse out because they are unsatisfied with their current billing company and are not receiving the attention they deserve. At Synapse, we know we can do better than the biggest billing companies because we do; many of our clients have come from those very companies.

New clients that are uncomfortable with the idea of third-party billing are also common. However, our clients who come from in-house billing are often shocked to find out that Synapse is much more transparent and achieve better collection rates.

At Synapse, what sets us apart from our competitors, is both transparency and a personalized experience. Please click on the case studies below to download more detailed information.


Diagnostic Lab Client Case Study

Below are the year-end increases from a Synapse diagnostic laboratory client, in which there was a 60% increase in average payments and a 52% increase in average charges.


Multi Specialty Case Study

For this eight provider practice, Synapse increased yearly collections by $807,592.44 more.


Sleep Lab Case Study

Revenue was increased by 37.27% for this sleep lab with two providers.


Cardiology Case Study

Despite a reduction in the amount of providers, the practice had a net increase of 41% in revenue for the group and a net increase of 65% per provider.


Start Up Practice Case Study

This single provider start-up practice was collecting $16,406.49 the first  year. By year five, the provider’s collections were at $81,548.36.


Pulmonology Case Study

This single provider previously had an in-house biller; with Synapse there was an improvement of $5,139.57 in average monthly collections in the first six months.


Pediatric Case Study

Despite the reduction in the number of providers, the practice had a net increase of 31% in revenue for the group and a net increase of 96% per provider.


Urgent Care Case Study

Here are two separate cases of urgent care centers. In one incident, Synapse saved a bankrupt clinic and in the other the revenue was increased by 55% in the third year.


Pain Management Case Study

A solo provider practice saw an average monthly collections increase of $54,281.06.


Physical Therapy Case Study

Despite a higher charge amount and average number of claims by staff billing, Synapse still managed to have a higher average monthly collections 


Family Practice Case Study

This 14 provider practice saw a 26% increase in collections due to more accurate coding and billing.

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