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Synapse Drives Customer Care to Excellence

Communication and proctoring services are needed to make your business goals. Excellent communication is needed for smooth transactions that keep your customers happy. Proctoring services allow you to see everything to ensure everything is going well. Updates are always implemented to ensure your business runs well.

Why Us?

Patient satisfaction has always been the most critical issue for healthcare providers. A call center provider can greatly aid in making patients comfortable in connecting with your practice. Synapse has expert representatives who are familiar with patient needs, well informed to answer questions, and handle different scenarios raised during the phone call.

We offer the following services to aid in your success

Reliable Customer Support<br />

Reliable Customer Support

Synapse’s customer care specialists are fluent in oral and written English for easy communication. Each customer care specialist has years of experience in customer care ensuring they can take care of your client’s needs. Synapse offers customer care through the following channels: calls, live chat, and emails to care for your customer’s needs.

Extensive Pool of Qualified Candidates<br />

Extensive Pool of Qualified Candidates

Lack of staffing is one of the biggest problems your business will face in customer care. Your business needs a few qualified customer care specialists to handle your calls. Hiring the staff members required can cripple your business’s budget. Having only one customer care specialist can also cripple your business when they go on vacation or have too many calls. Synapse gives you access to a pool of qualified workers to run your operations no matter what.

Technological Advancements<br />

Technological Advancements

Technology improves regularly, and your business needs to keep up or get left in the dust. You won’t have to worry about more overhead costs when outsourcing. Synapse is here to handle all your technological needs at affordable prices. The company regularly implements updates to give you an edge against the competition.

Call Analytics and Reporting<br />

Call Analytics and Reporting

Our company will give you accurate and detailed reports regarding your calls. Reports we send will detail improvements that you can make to increase revenue. We can also show you in detail the customer care department’s expenditures to help you bring in more money. Our company can also send you these reports when you want them. Weekly or monthly reports can be sent based on your preferences.

Video Call Customer Service

The pandemic has caused many people to shelter in place for safety reasons. While face-to-face is the best choice for personalized experiences. Video call services update the service for safety and convenience. The pandemic makes this service a necessity for better communication.

Here are the benefits of video customer service

In the end, Synapse will help you bridge the gap between you and your customers to help you make the sale and ensure proper care for your customers.