Care Start COVID-19 Antigen Test FAQ

You may have heard of the rapid tests for COVID-19. But you must have many questions going through your head. How can you use it? Are you provided with accurate results? These are the questions going through your head. Read on to better understand how you can use the Care Start COVID-19 Antigen Test.

What is the Care Start COVID-19 Antigen Test?

The Coronavirus’s highly contagious nature and the danger it poses to you and others have been given the pandemic designation by the WHO. The effects of the disease still persist to this day to the detriment of you and everyone in the world. To combat the pandemic and keep you safe, screening tests have been developed to sort the sick and healthy. The rapid testing kit Care Start COVID-19 Antigen Test can tell whether or not you’re infected. The test helps screen you for subclinical and asymptomatic infections to help halt the spread of infection.

This test is designed to detect the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid protein antigen in your body. Nasopharyngeal swabs will be taken from you and tested to search for traces of infection. Your swabs will then be placed on a sample well, and results will come out within 10-15 minutes. The quick test results allow your business to rapidly return to operation. Please note that your negative results do not completely rule out COVID-19 infection. This test should not be relied on solely for your health treatment or management. These results should be considered along with your recent history, exposures, and symptoms.

You cannot administer the CareStart COVID-19 Antigen test yourself. A trained medical professional or operator must do it for you. You may only use this test under the FDA Emergency Use Authorization.

How do I interpret results?


You may interpret the tests by reading the colored lines.


Seeing two colored lines in the control line region C and the test line region T informs you of a positive result for COVID-19.


You must read one line in the control line region C as a negative result for COVID-19.


If you don’t see any lines in the control line region C, then consider it an invalid test.

How Should You Store the Tests?