Why You Need Synapse

You’re stressed due to your practice’s finances, when you should be worrying about patients. Read on to find out how Synapse can help you increase your revenue.

Increase Your Bottom Line

Synapse can help you improve your practice’s finances with proper coding and filing of claims. Our claim submission process is electronic to allow us to track your claims. We have access to many resources to ensure your claims apply the updated rules. Your denials will always be followed-up to ensure your practice gets the revenue it deserves. Our team provides your practice with the proper manpower to solve all of your billing issues around the clock.

System Integration

Synapse can help you find affordable practice management software to help increase your efficiency. We can also use your current software if you wish to continue your current management style.


Our team of highly-trained credentialing agents can fill out your claim forms for immediate approval on the first submission. We will take on the burden of filing claims from your practice to let you focus on treating patients. Patients being out of network or not getting paid won’t be an issue because our billers can maneuver around any obstacle. We also immediately spring into action for any credentialing issues that may arise from billing.


Our staff will write reports about your finances to help you make informed decisions.

Here are the types of reports you can expect from us:

Claim payments give you the details of unpaid claims from specific times. The organization of the payments will help you look at the details of individual claims.
The summary report shows you how your practice is faring according to individual insurance, patients, and government payers.
Billing activity reports organize your billing entries for the dates of service for payments and adjustments for billing entries and total charges.

Denial Management

Our process has an over 90% pass rate within the first try because we scrub your claims before sending them out. We also follow up on all your sent claims to check their status and appeal denied claims. You will always get your compensation when working with us because we don’t get paid until you get paid.

Web Development and SEO

We will use web development complemented with SEO to promote your practice.

Web development

A majority of potential patients search for healthcare providers online. Our team will create your website to establish your online presence. Your website will enable you to put your best foot forward. Synapse will be sure to present your services and qualifications to make the case on why patients should choose your practice.


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, will be vital for your marketing plan. Our team will write content based on keywords your patients search online. Search engines will then direct your potential patients to your site.

Synapse will establish you as an authority in your field through quality content. We will write content aimed at bettering your patient’s everyday lives to build up your reputation. Our strategy will focus on getting your content shared on social media to reach more people for free.

SEO strategies are also more affordable than paid advertisements. We’ve found that most people find paid advertisements intrusive which is why your practice will rely on SEO instead.

Synapse’s services can help you bring more revenue and make system improvements through our credentialing services, analytics, denial management, and web development and SEO. All of our services can bring dramatic improvements to your practice over and beyond your bottom line.

Get in touch with us now and find out how we can make things easier for you.