Tips To Get More Patients For The Holidays

Get more patients for the holidays by following these easily actionable tips. The holidays are a time when people are eager to spend money, so be sure to make the right moves to make sure they spend money in your practice.

Share time-appropriate content

You can write blogs that discuss the upcoming holidays. For example, writing Thanksgiving and Christmas blogs will be appreciated by your audience because these holidays are coming up. You can write about how to avoid overindulging in holiday food or how to make celebration food healthier. Blogs that give advice on how to reduce holiday stress and how to make holiday shopping easier will help your patients survive through the holidays. Helping your patients with your blogs is a great way for them to remember you and to seek your aid in these trying times.

Stay in touch with your patients

You need to use the many engagement tools at your disposal to stay in touch with your patients. Share your special events, rates, and discounts on all of your media platforms to help your patients fit you into their schedules. You can also give discounts for bringing a friend to get treated to encourage more patients. Staying in touch with your patients will help them remember you when they want to spend money.

Putting your content on your website is not enough anymore. You need to post your content on your social media platforms and emails to reach more people.

Holiday Q&A

Your patients are all living hectic lives during the holidays. The holidays usually see an uptick in work, and to add to your patient’s stress, they must also buy Christmas gifts. As a doctor, you can alleviate some of the stress by hosting a Q&A online. You can use Facebook live, zoom, and other apps to host your Q&A. You can use the questions sticker on your Instagram to collect questions. Next, you choose which questions to answer that way you only answer relevant questions. Hosting this Q&A session will promote your business as you help people and establish your credibility.

Product Video

You can boost the sales for your products by shooting a video. The video must show you using the product and demonstrate how it can help people. For example, a video that shows your nose clearing device on a child with a runny nose. You can also show moisturizer, and how it can help protect your skin against the harsh winter winds. Showing your patients the possibilities of what your product can be used for can help them imagine themselves using it. Your patients will be more interested in buying the product once they see it in action. Product videos can boost your sales by up to 50%.

Charity Drive

Keep up the holiday spirit by showing kindness to others through charity. Your practice can collect toys, canned food, and clothes to give to shelters to help struggling individuals. You can also hand over a portion of your proceeds to a local charity service to help the community. Patients can get treatment from you while helping those in need, and you also get to spread the word about your practice to the whole community.


Changing your website’s design to sport holiday-themed designs, pictures, and logos can spread festive cheer and help you connect with patients. You may need to enlist the help of a graphic and web designer to change the decorations of your site. Remember to keep some of the original site’s design to enable your patients to recognize your practice despite the changes in design. You can also add holiday-themed pictures to help sell the holiday image to your patients.

If changing your site’s design costs too much, then you can send holiday-themed emails instead. The email will be used for internet marketing for your goods and services. It will contain promos and special offers to remind patients of what your practice has to offer. You can hire a graphic designer to design an eye-catching template for your emails.

Host a holiday giveaway

Giveaways are a perfect way to get more people to take a look at your practice. Handing out holiday giveaways to your patients that schedule appointments before the year ends can boost sales.

A raffle can also be done to keep spending manageable. You can hand over raffle tickets to your patients and put together a holiday-themed gift basket as a prize. Use social media platforms to promote your giveaways through social media posts, newsletters, emails, and texts. You can add an extra raffle ticket whenever your patients tag someone on social media.

You can use this idea to promote your practice when you aren’t seeing much business.

In conclusion, following these tips and taking the holidays into consideration can help you drive up sales for the year-end.

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