Billing Telemedicine

Billing telemedicine is on the rise thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Government safety regulations advise social distancing as a means to stop the spread of the virus. This presents a problem for people seeking medical attention. Luckily, technology has advanced far enough that phone and video consultations are available.

The practice of consulting your doctor through phone or video chat is known as telemedicine. Billing telemedicine requires knowledge of proper codes, billing guidelines, and knowledge of the process to get reimbursement. It’s important to get properly trained billers to work this process to ensure your practice is compensated properly in these dire times. We at Synapse offer you our expertise to do billing telemedicine at a price that won’t cripple your practice.

Telemedicine Medical Billing

Learning telemedicine medical billing is essential for keeping your practice afloat amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has discouraged most people from leaving their homes out of fear of getting sick. This means fewer patients for you to see and a decrease in revenue. As a medical practitioner, you also risk getting infected when treating a patient. Other patients may also spread the virus in the waiting room.

To stop the spread of the virus, it is essential to limit contact with others. The remote nature of telemedicine services allows medical consultations without direct contact between patients and doctors.

Telemedicine medical billing requires the biller to know all the proper code sets, billing guidelines, patient information, and payer contact information. It takes time for billers to understand and implement all these guidelines. Synapse is already staffed with the billers who understand telemedicine medical billing to ensure your practice gets the necessary revenue to continue treating patients during this emergency.

Medical Billing Telemedicine

Medical billing telemedicine allows your practice to reach more patients. Following the advice from the CDC and WHO, people practice social distancing to avoid COVID-19. These circumstances have made telemedicine popular. Telemedicine is the practice of performing medical consultation remotely.

This form of medical consultation has the potential to make medical care more accessible at a reduced cost. Patients can visit their doctors at their convenience. Transportation costs for doctors and patients no longer apply. It’s an excellent way to provide quality healthcare without the risk of spreading the virus.

Medical billing telemedicine has different regulations per state. It can be very difficult to learn and implement these regulations to obtain proper reimbursement. To ease the process, Synapse offers medical billing telemedicine services. They are staffed with experts on the subject to ensure healthcare professionals get their due.