How Do I Choose A Virtual Assistant?

How do I choose a virtual assistant is a question you asked yourself when you decided to hire a virtual assistant. Read on to learn what factors to look out for when making your hire for a smooth workflow.

Figure out your virtual assistant’s duties

Create a list of responsibilities, tasks, and priorities your virtual assistant will handle. Decide a deadline for each job your assistant must complete. Creating this list will help you sort out the qualified candidates from your list of applicants. You can also send this list to the virtual assistance company to give them a better picture of who you are looking to hire.

You can get an assistant to handle the more tedious tasks in your job. Another option will be to hire an assistant that compensates for your weaknesses. If your forte is business development, you can hire a writer to proofread letters and promotions before you send them. You can also hire a business manager to help you with administrative tasks.

Virtual assistants are there to make your life easier, but it’s up to you to figure out how they can lighten your load.

Match your candidate’s skills with your needs

You should check that the person you are looking to hire can do the job. Match your chosen candidate’s education and experience to help you figure out if they can do the job.

1. If you need more sales, then hire someone with a sales background.
2. Content needs a writer and someone familiar with SEO.
3. Marketing assistants from advertising, social media, or marketing backgrounds will be of more help than those from other backgrounds.

Check the experience your prospective virtual assistant has under their belt. How many years have they been an assistant, and for whom? While every job has a learning
curve, you should not be paying someone to learn a skill unless it’s unique to your business.

Find the skill set that matches your needs for the best assistant for your business.


It’s best to hire someone that does their job well while enthusiastic and with the same morals and personality as yours to work well together.

Decide whether you need a proactive or reactive assistant in your workplace. Both of these personalities have their own advantages. A proactive assistant may suggest ideas and take an active role in your business. Reactive assistants are passive and only complete tasks you assign.


This detail may seem irrelevant, but the location affects your hire. Your hire may speak the same language as you but with a different accent. Nuances from your culture may also get past them. Their time zone may also require a night shift.

Interview your prospective virtual assistant to check if you can understand what they are saying. Check their grasp of the language, pronunciation, and accent to ensure proper communication.


You need to check your prospective virtual assistant’s infrastructure before deciding who to hire.

1. Check that their internet connection is fast and reliable.
2. Make sure they have the appropriate antivirus protection software.
3. Do they have backup plans in case of a power outage?
4. Are the necessary programs compatible with their computer?

Ask these questions before hiring a virtual assistant for a great work environment.


This part is your due diligence, where you check who you’re hiring. Ask for referrals from previous clients or educational institutions. Contact these people and ask about your potential hire before making a decision.

For someone not in a company, ask them for names, numbers, and emails of people who can vouch for them. Check the references and make certain they have no relation to the potential assistant to get honest reviews.

You can also hire a virtual assistant from a company for an easier checking process. Websites like glassdoor and comparably show honest reviews to ensure the company you are looking to hire is good. The other establishments in the area can also tell you about the company.

Never skip this step because you must know who you are letting into your company before hiring them.


Virtual assistants have different rates. Some virtual assistants charge by the hour, and some are on a retainer basis. Retainers are guaranteed work for a certain amount of hours a month. Some assistants also charge varying rates for different services.

Highly skilled assistants charge a premium for their assistance. Someone with low rates may be inexperienced or has a poor business strategy.

Remember going the cheap route is not always the best strategy. Opting for skilled help may cost more at first, but the value a great assistant can bring you can pay off later. Think of paying a bit more as an investment for a more optimized workflow.

The factors above are only a partial list of factors to check for your virtual assistant. Finding a virtual assistant can be difficult when done on your own. Ask for help from a company to help you quickly find the best virtual assistants.

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