Customer Care Service

Customer care service is an inevitable need for your business that we can provide. Even difficult times such as the COVID 19 pandemic drives up our company’s innovation. One of our clients was struggling with the new required process of testing during the COVID-19 pandemic. They asked us for our help, and that is when we started our video call service to cater to their needs.

Video call service for COVID-19 testing

The pandemic has required us to process people’s rapid tests to ensure their safety and that of others. These days plenty of sectors require their employees to present a negative COVID-19 test, which is where we come in. Thanks to the advent of rapid testing, testing has never been easier but still requires our help to ensure the tests are done properly.

These days the rapid tests can be done at home under our supervision to ensure the individual uses the test properly. We will then record their result and send it to them to give them an official document of a legitimate negative test.

Call Support

Our company can help you process your inbound calls and connect your customers to the proper departments of your company. It can be difficult to get callers to their proper destination, but with us we will make sure that your calls are sorted to the appropriate departments.

Here are examples of our call support services:

1. We will redirect your patients looking to pay to your billing department.
2. Our team will redirect applicants to your HR department.
3. Patients with questions about lab results will be redirected by us to your lab.

At the end of the day, our team is here to make handling calls to your establishment easier.

Customer Service

Your business will inevitably receive calls to either ask about a product or make a sale. You need quality communication skills from your customer service agents to help make a sale and handle clients. When you hire Synapse, you will get access to a pool of highly trained customer service agents with the best communication skills. The agents will ensure all your client’s questions are answered promptly and that sales are made as much as possible.

Here are the following customer care services we offer:

Phone call services

We can handle your inbound calls and either redirect them to the proper departments or answer them ourselves to free your time to handle more important tasks. Our customer service agents are well-trained and can handle any type of customer that comes their way. We also regularly train our agents to increase their chances of making a sale.

Chat services

When your customers visit your site, they will inevitably have questions. A chatbot is inadequate at handling questions because they cannot show empathy, and their programming is limited. The customer service agents are able to empathize with your clients and address their pain points in a more specialized way through human interaction. This leads to a happier customer and also increases your chances of making a sale. Answering questions requires more than information, and that requires a human touch that we provide.

Email Services

Some of your customers may reach out to your establishment through emails which we can also handle. Our team knows that emails need to be answered precisely with additional information to ensure the customer has their questions and possibly follow-up questions answered. Our team of specialists will study your product and service to ensure they can all answer any possible questions.

Using metrics, we can also identify the most common follow-up questions and answer them along with the customer’s questions. The process ensures that customers are not only satisfied by our team’s answers but their most likely follow-up questions are also anticipated and answered leading to greater efficiency.

Benefits of Synapse

Extensive pool of qualified candidates

Our customer care agents are fluent in written and oral English to ease communication between you and your clients. We also train them regularly to make sure their skills are maintained and add to the experience they already possess. Our team is also adequately staffed, which means it won’t matter if someone goes on vacation or gets sick because there will be someone there to fill in for them.

Technological Advancements

We all know that technology marches on, and so should you when it comes to customer service. Our service will bear the cost of improving the technological infrastructure for your customer service department when you sign up for our service. Technological advancements can drastically improve your service, which may increase your revenue. Our company covering the cost will also ensure your profits stay intact no matter what new technology comes out.

Call analytics and reporting

We will send you detailed and accurate reports regarding your customer service to show you exactly how you’re doing with the customers. Our team can read the data and give you tips on how to improve your process to ensure your revenue goes up. The reports we offer can be sent as often as you prefer.

In conclusion, we provide excellent customer service across the board to fit your needs. Sign up with us, and we will free up your time to deal with the more pressing concerns of your clinic.