About Synapse

Our Vision

To improve healthcare delivery by placing the needs of both providers and patients at the forefront and delivering exceptional customer service

Our Mission

To provide world-class customer service that drives efficiency and progress within the healthcare system by working together in a culture of continuous improvement and innovation

We Are Transparent

Synapse handles all aspects of the revenue cycle in a transparent manner that makes healthcare providers more prepared, informed, and focused on their patients. Full visibility of each billing process is at the forefront of Synapse and we are ready to provide clear and detailed explanations of our processes at all times.

We Are Honest

Synapse empowers healthcare providers with transparent billing processes that optimize their revenue and streamline their practice management. We offer highly customized solutions that promote efficiency and maximize revenue.

We Are Accountable

At Synapse, we hold ourselves accountable, find solutions, and commit to responsibilities rather than make excuses. We constantly seek to improve our reputation and reach business goals that positively affect our client satisfaction.

We Value Efficiency

Synapse ensures that viability is maintained through the entire patient encounter through accurate, efficient, and transparent solutions.

We Value Trust

Synapse builds a trusting relationship with clients through open communication and transparency.

We Value Adaptability

Synapse sees the growing demands for health care as an opportunity to re-engineer what needs to be improved and to determine the best billing practices with each client.

We Value Responsibility

Synapse understands that we hold crucial and important healthcare information. By being HIPAA compliant, we ensure that it is secured and handled by skilled experts.

We Value Respect

Synapse creates a healthy working environment by displaying the highest respect for each level of the medical billing process.

We Value Innovation

Synapse employs an innovative spirit that helps navigate the ever-changing healthcare arena by coming up with solutions and systems that streamline the RCM process.